Make Permanent Change.

You Are Responsible For Your Results.

Your past will influence how you move forward, but it does not predict the outcome.

12 Focused Modules

All modules have been designed to enable the outcome to be dictated by your level of your input and desire to apply permanent, long term change.


Each module will challenge your thinking in a series of questions and time-based release of information. Speed is not a benefit, application will be the measure of success.

Video Guidance

Each module starts with a supporting video overview on what to expect from the ready and theme.

Weekly Support Emails

Twice a week you will receive two support emails to enhance your programme experience and to provide some accountability during the 12 weeks.

Discussion - Facebook Group

Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of peers. Share your goals, your journey and above all your learnings.

Ongoing Access

Your course material will be available in your account for 12 months from sign-up. You will also have full access to the Facebook Group and weekly email support.

Learning Objectives

The work that goes in is directly related to the success you experience.


Improved understanding of how you as a human really work and what drives your actions and intentions.

Self Learning

You will be the key to the success of your programme participation. If you do not engage and plan for long-term change, then positive results are unlikely.

Knowledge & Awareness

Once you have the knowledge you will be able to apply it to every part of your life every day. But don't stop there... keep learning.

Our Goal Is Not To Change You But For You To Change Your Future